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American Whisky Distilleries  Letter Q

Active Whiskey Distilleries


Types of Whiskies Produced
B - Bourbon
S - Single Malt
R - Rye
W - Wheat
C - Corn
BL - Blended
- Other/Unspecified American Whiskey

Whisky/Whiskey Distillery with primary focus on whisky/whiskey & whisky related products

Please note that we have not included moonshine and unaged spirits as whisky/whiskey products

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 Quantum distillery logo America USA


Strange Quark Distilling LLC

Carnegie - Pennsylvania

Est. 2017


Quartz Mountain distillery logo America USA


Quartz Mountain

The Kyle Family

Vancouver - Washington

Est. 2019



Quincy Street distillery logo America USA

Quincy Street

Blue Star Potables LLC

Riverside - Illinois

Est. 2011

B / R / C

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