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About The Ardvark


The Aardvark, a weird-looking mammal that is native to Africa, is known for being an expert digger. It uses its pig-like snout to sniff out ants and termites that live underground. The Aardvark is a nocturnal hunter who only comes out of its hole at night. Its closest living relative in the animal kingdom is the African elephant.

Choosing the aardvark as our animal mascot was an obvious choice for us. We, too, are expert diggers and sometimes do our 'hunting' at night. Although we are not native to Africa, we feel a connection with this peculiar-looking animal. Additionally, the aardvark is the first word in the English dictionary.

Our decision to misspell aardvark by using only one 'a' is a tribute to Scottish distilleries such as Ardmore, Ardnahoe, and Ardbeg, among others. The Gaelic word 'Ard' translates to 'high,' referring to a place of great height. The suffix 'vark' happens to align with a four-point learning method, which coincidentally suits us well.

Aeneas The Ardvark

We named our Ardvark Aeneas as a tribute to the spirits industry. Aeneas Coffey, an Irish inventor and distiller, patented the Coffey Still, a continuous still, in 1830, which revolutionized the spirit-making industry. Although pot stills are still used for making single malts, many other spirits and grain whisky are made using the continuous still.


Aeneas, our know-it-all digger mascot, is always ready to answer any questions you may have about whisky and spirits. If you want to ask him something, simply fill out the form below and he'll dig up the answer for you!

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Team Ardvark

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In the industry since 2006. Bartender, Mixologist, Visual Designer, Whisky Specialist, Spirits Advisor 

In the industry since 1994. "The Whisky Maester", Walking Whisky Encyclopedia, Spirits Advisor, Whisky Specialist, Trekker

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