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The Whisky Ardvark Quiz Week 33/2023

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Welcome to the Whisky Ardvark Quiz with our in-house Quiz Master Duncan Ross!

To keep the fun in the game, please restrain yourself from using the internet to cheat before the answers are revealed at the end of this quiz.

Have fun!

1. Glenlivet 'Twist & Mix Cocktails' was launched in early August 2023. What two classic

cocktails made the debut? (Half a point for each correct answer)

2. 'I was founded by Peter Brown in 1821, but his son William tore me down in 1872 and

built a new distillery on the same site. Throughout the 1900s, I had two sides - A and B.

I have been released as part of various ranges such as Manager's Choice, Flora &

Fauna, Special Releases and Prima & Ultima. Can you guess which distillery I am?'

3. Name this late whisky legend.

4. How old is the oldest official Highland Park single malt ever released?

5. What country is the home to Doghouse, Mercia, Pleasant Land and Yarm distilleries?

6. What is this mallet affectionately known as?

7. True or False? Larceny Wheated Bourbon is owned by Beam Suntory.

8. Who bottles the Whisky Sponge independent whisky range?

9. Who advertised its whiskies with the phrase 'The Whisky Par Excellence' and trained

parrots to repeat its marketing slogans?

10. What is the only Speyside single malt whisky included in Diageo classic malts in late


- Oldie but Goodie


0-3 Correct Answers Whisky Enthusiast

4-6 Correct Answers Whisky Nerd

7-9 Correct Answers Whisky Wizard

10 Correct Answers Whisky Master

Share your result underneath or post it on social media with #thewhiskyardvarkquiz

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