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New Whisky Releases Late May 2024

Updated: Jun 9

Late May 2024 whisky releases cover

The end of May 2024 was marked by multiple limited whisky releases and product launches, as well as the news that Islay was getting its 12th whisky distillery, Laggan Bay. We have selected 11 new whisky releases and launches that caught our attention in this article.

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Teeling 40-year-old Single Malt

In May 2024, Telling revealed its oldest single malt release to date: the 40-year-old. Distilled in 1983 (most likely in Bushmills distillery) and aged entirely in an ex-bourbon American oak cask, the extremely rare release is limited to only 140 bottles. The retail price at the time of the release was set to €15,000 (US$16,300/£12,780).

Teeling 40-year-old Single Malt

Image by Teeling


Fielden English Rye

Following a minority investment by Diageo's Distill Ventures in 2022, the Oxford Artisan distillery rebranded and renamed itself in May 2024. Now called Fielden, which means 'of the Field', the Oxford-based distillery will move to a newly constructed facility in Goole, Yorkshire, in September 2024.

Currently, the distillery can produce 30,000 litres of pure alcohol per year. However, the new Yorkshire distillery's capacity will be increased to 450,000 litres per year. The company has also recently planted 2,100 acres of heritage grain across 15 farms from Cornwall to Norfolk.

The new branding also included the launch of an inaugural Fielden rye whisky, bottled at 48% ABV. This whisky is made with 90% maslin (a mix of rye and wheat) and 10% malted barley. The rye whisky was double-distilled in pot and column stills and matured in American oak casks and a selection of ex-wine casks. The new expression is priced at £60 (US$76) and is available in the UK through Berry Bros & Rudd.

Fielden English rye whisky

Image by Fielden whisky


Red Bank Canadian Whisky

Launched in Canada in 2023, the Red Bank whisky is co-owned and founded by actor Kiefer Sutherland, Gary Briggs, Shawn Hiscott and Rob Steele. In May 2024, the brand was launched in the UK with the help of its distributor, Mangrove Global. The official launch event was held in London on the 20th of May, joined by Kiefer Sutherland himself.

The blend is made with a high-wheat and low-rye content, as well as corn. Red Bank blended Canadian whisky retails for £49 (US$61).

Red Bank Canadian Whisky

Image by Red Bank Whisky


Johnnie Walker Black Ruby

The Johnnie Walker Black Ruby is the newest addition to the Walker Black family in 13 years. Announced in mid-May 2024, the blend is described as 'Vibrant, Rich & Luscious.' Designed by master blender Emma Walker, this new 'sweeter'-style whisky is a blend of whiskies matured in ex-red wine, PX Sherry, and bourbon casks, combined with the caramel smooth vanilla and toffee malts from Diageo's newest Speyside distillery, Roseisle.

According to Johnnie Walker, Black Ruby is best enjoyed icy cold on the rocks or shaken into a cocktail.

Johnnie Walker Black Ruby

Image by Johnnie Walker


Speyburn Core Range Relaunch

The Speyburn distillery in Speyside may not be well-known in the UK, but its owner, Inver House, is aiming to change that by rebranding and revamping the core range in May 2024. While it is mainly sold in the US market, Speyburn single malt definitely deserves more recognition in the UK market due to its drinkability.

The revamp includes two new non-age statement editions: Bourbon Cask (rebranded Bradan Orach) and Rum Cask Finish, the first for the distillery. The rebranding continues Inver House's investment in the brand following the opening of distillery tours in 2023.

Speyburn single malt range rebranding

Image by Inver House / The Whisky Ardvark


Bardstown Bourbon Co Collaborative Series - Amrut

Bardstown Bourbon Co has expanded its Collaborative Series by ageing whiskey in ex-Amrut casks. The whiskey is made of five different whiskies:

Bardstown Bourbon Co Collaborative Series - Amrut whisky recipe make-up

Described as 'Straight rye whiskey finished in Amrut Indian malt whisky barrels blended with straight Bourbon whiskey', the expression is offered at 55% ABV (110 Proof) and retails for US$159.99 (£125.40).

The new collaborative whiskey joins the series, which already includes expressions finished in Amaro Nonino, toasted cherry oak, Plantation rum, and Maison Ferrand Cognac casks, to name a few.

Bardstown Bourbon Co Collaborative Series - Amrut

Original Image by Bardstown Bourbon Co


Bonnington Sherry Cask

Following the release of the distillery's inaugural single malt in January 2024, the Halewood Artisanal Spirits-owned Bonnington distillery in Leith, Edinburgh, has released its first small-batch release. Aged exclusively in four PX casks, the expression is limited to only 250 cases.

Bonnington Sherry Cask is offered at 47% ABV and retails for £50 to £55 (US$63.80 to $70.20) in the UK market.

Bonnington Sherry Cask 2024

Image by Bonnington Distillery


Tomatin 12-year-old Sherry Cask

Tomatin distillery added a new expression to its core range in late May 2024. The 12-year-old single malt has been fully matured in Sherry casks, offered at 40% ABV and retails for £52 (US$66).

Tomatin 12-year-old Sherry Cask

Image by Tomatin


Garrison Brothers Father's Day Single Barrel Bourbon 2024

Bottled with Father's Day 2024 in mind, Garrison Brothers unveiled the oldest cask-strength bourbon single barrel ever mashed, fermented, distilled, aged, and bottled in Texas in late May. This single-barrel bourbon, crafted by master distiller Donnis Todd, has been in the making for nine years and has a high ABV of 72.4%. Only 150 bottles per barrel (amount unknown) were produced and will be exclusively sold through the distillery's online store.

Garrison Brothers Father's Day Single Barrel Bourbon 2024

Image by Garrison Brothers


Bushmills 23-year-old Madeira Cask Causeway Collection

Revealed in late May 2024, the Irish Bushmills distillery has added a 23-year-old single malt aged in Madeira casks to its travel retail Causeway Collection. Available initially at Avolta’s World Duty-Free stores at London Heathrow Airport, the whiskey will make its way to other Avolta stores worldwide after one month.

Having spent 23 years in Madeira casks alone, the expression is bottled at 53.8% ABV and retails for £390 (US$507).

Bushmills 23-year-old Madeira Finish Causeway Collection

Image by Bushmills


FEW Smashing Pumpkins Bourbon

FEW Spirits distillery in Evanston, Illinois, has collaborated with the Chicago-native band Smashing Pumpkins to introduce a new Bourbon. This four-year-old straight Bourbon is bottled at 46.5% ABV and incorporates Midnight Rose black tea from Madame Zuzu’s Emporium, a boutique tea shop owned by the band's frontman Billy Corgan and his wife.

The FEW Smashing Pumpkins Bourbon is priced at US$55.99 (£44) and has been released ahead of the band’s North American tour this summer. The Bourbon is now available on the distillery’s website and will also be available in select markets where the tour stops.

FEW Smashing Pumpkins Bourbon

Original Image by FEW Spirits


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