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21+1 Flamboyant Whisky Decanters

Updated: Mar 6

You may be familiar with well-known crystal glass makers, such as Baccarat, Lalique, and Glencairn, who are often responsible for crafting beautiful whisky decanters. Sometimes, their designs can push the limits of good taste, while other times, their creations are breathtakingly stunning. Ultimately, the beauty of these decanters lies in the eye of the beholder.

These extravagant whisky decanters are typically accompanied by a carefully crafted box, which can add to their appeal. Unfortunately, the intricate detailing of these decanters often comes with an exorbitant price tag. In this post, we will be breaking our usual protocol and including some figures to highlight just how ridiculous some of these prices can be.

It is worth noting that most of these bottles are intended for whisky collectors and, sadly, many of them will never even be opened.

Without further ado, let's take a look at our list of the 21+1 most flamboyant whisky decanters. They are presented in no particular order.

  1. Singleton Paragon of Time

Singleton Paragon of Time

Image by Forbes

Released by Diageo in 2021, the Singleton Paragon of Time Collection consists of two releases: Dufftown 53yo 1964 and Dufftown 54yo 1966.

Dufftown 53yo 1964 Baccarat Crystal is limited to 117 bottles and retails for around £26,400.

Dufftown 54yo 1966 Baccarat Crystal, the oldest Dufftown released so far, is limited to 235 bottles and retails for around £28,850.


2. Tullibardine 1952 60yo

Tullibardine 1952 60yo single malt whisky decanter

Image by Whisky Auctioneer

Tullibardine 1952 60yo was released in 2015 and is the first release of their Custodian Collection. Presented in a Baccarat crystal vessel this release is limited to only 70 bottles. The retail price is around £20,000.


3. Highland Park 50yo Releases

Highland Park 50 year old Releases

Image by The Whisky Ardvark

There have been 3 releases of Highland Park 50yo. We saw the first released in 2010 with its eye-catching design by Maeve Gillies of MaeVona. The second edition was released in 2018 with a lavish decanter, followed by the third version in 2020.

Highland Park 50yo 1960, 1st Release, limited to 275 bottles and retails at around £21,000.

Highland Park 50yo 1964, 2nd Release, limited to 274 bottles and retails at around £23,000.

Highland Park 50yo 1968, 3rd Release, limited to just 274 bottles, retails at around £20,000.


4. Glenfiddich Ultimate 38yo

Glenfiddich Ultimate 38 year old whisky decanter

Image by The Whisky Corporation

Exclusively released to the Chinese market in 2013, this Glenfiddich was limited to only 600 bottles. The retail price would be around £10,000.


5. Glenfarclas Pagoda Series

Glenfarclas Pagoda Series single malt whisky decanters

Image by The Spirits Business

The Glenfarclas Pagoda Series is a collection of five old whiskies that was released in 2016 and 2020. The bottles are handblown and designed by Glencairn. However, the information about this series can be confusing and contradictory. Therefore, we won't be providing any prices for this collection in this article.

The Whisky Corporation released The Trilogy in 2016 exclusively for Hong Kong and Singapore. The collection consisted of three editions: Brass 1971 43-year-old, Silver 1967 48-year-old, and Gold 1956 59-year-old. Only 100 sets of The Trilogy were ever produced, but most of them have been broken down, and the bottles are now sold separately at auctions.

Pagoda Brass 1971 43yo

70cl 100 bottles

150cl 10 bottles

Pagoda Silver 1967 48yo

70cl 100 bottles

150cl 10 bottles

Collector's Edition 150cl 30 bottles

Pagoda Gold 1956 59yo

70cl 100 bottles

150cl 10 bottles

In 2020 they released the Ruby and Sapphire editions

Pagoda Ruby Reserve 1954 62yo

70cl 180 bottles

150cl 62 bottles

Collector's Gold Edition 70cl 50 bottles

Collector's Gold Edition 150cl 50 bottles

Pagoda Sapphire Reserve 1953 63yo

70cl 180 bottles

150cl 63 bottles

Collector's Gold Edition 150cl 45 bottles

You may be able to see why we had some difficulties determining the different editions and amounts.


6. Glengoyne 50yo

Glengoyne 50 year old whisky decanter

Image by The Spirits Business

Released in 2021 this whisky from Glengoyne is limited to only 150 bottles, and retails for around £22,000.


7. Dewar's Legacy

Dewar's Legacy

Image by The Whisky Wash

This blended scotch was released by Bacardi in 2013 for travel retail and sells for around £4,000.


8. Black Bowmore Last Cask

Black Bowmore 1964 Last cask

Image by Forbes

The fifth and last edition (even though the third was called Final Edition) of the legendary Black Bowmore, this 1964 50yo was released in 2017 and was limited to just 159 bottles. Retails for around £64,000.


9. Bowmore 31yo Dynasty Decanter Hart Brothers

Bowmore 31 year old Dynasty Decanter Hart Brothers

Image by Whisky Auctioneer

In the 1980s, the independent bottlers at Hart Brothers bottled a Bowmore 31-year-old whisky and presented it in an Atlantis decanter. It is said that only 500 of these bottles were released, while some argue that the number was 850. If you're lucky enough to find one for sale, it can fetch around £21,000 at auction.


10. Macallan Six Pillars

Macallan Six Pillars whisky decanters all bottles

Image by The Spirits Business

Macallan is known for its extravagant Lalique decanters. While choosing just one Macallan bottle with a stand-out design, we've upped the ante and picked six. The Six Pillars collection includes five bottles aged 50, 55, 57, 60, and 62 years, with limited quantities of 470, 420, 400, 400, and 400 bottles, respectively, as well as a 65-year-old bottle with only 450 produced. The complete set has been known to sell at auctions for £665,500.


11. Macallan 64yo Cire Perdue

Macallan 64 year old Cire Perdue

Image by Youtube

The old record holder for the most expensive whisky was hammered down at $460,000 in a New York auction in 2010. This bottle is a magnum, holding in 150cl of 64yo Macallan whisky. This bottle is one-off, so it's probably not worth going looking for it.


12. John Walker & Sons Diamond Jubilee

John Walker & Sons Diamond Jubilee

Image by Cumbria Crystal

This Cumbria crystal decanter was released by Diageo in 2012 to celebrate The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Only 60 of these decanters were made, retailing at around £160,000.


13. Dalmore 60yo

Damore 60 year old whisky decanter

Image by The Spirits Business

Dalmore decanters are known for their straight lines and minimalistic design, which gives them a relatively stylish look. However, what really sets them apart is their box designs. It was a tough decision, but we have finally found the most luxurious Dalmore.

This particular Dalmore is a 60-year-old whiskey distilled in 1951. It was released in 2020 to celebrate its 180th anniversary. Only one bottle of this premium whiskey was made and sold in a silent auction at Harrods. Unfortunately, the price at which it was sold remains undisclosed.


14. Royal Salute Tribute to Honour

Royal Salute Tribute to Honour

This blended Scottish whisky was released in 2011 and is one of only 21 bottles made. It comes in a lavish Garrard decanter encrusted with 413 white and black diamonds and 22 carats of gemstones set in gold and silver. Talk about excessiveness!

If you have the money and can find it, it will send you back around £304,000.


15. Suntory Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary

Suntory Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary

Image by Japanese Whisky

This, let's say, interesting bottle was done by Suntory in 2012 to celebrate the famous band's 50th anniversary. The release was limited to 150 bottles. In auctions, you can find the bottle for around £25,000-£30,000, but it retails at around £60,000.


16. Glen Grant 60yo Dennis Malcolm

Glen Grant 60 year old Dennis Malcolm decanter

Image by Luxurious Magazine

Announced in September 2021, this official bottle from Glen Grant distillery was released to celebrate master distiller Dennis Malcolm's 60th anniversary. This release comes in a Glencairn crystal decanter shaped like a still and is limited to 360 bottles. The estimated retail price upon release was around £25,000.


17. Bowmore 1957 54yo

Bowmore 1957 54 year old single malt decanter

Image by Gordon Jack

This Bowmore whisky was released in 2012 and is 54 years old. Only 12 bottles were produced, and they were mainly available for purchase at the distillery. The decanter had a platinum top and glass frosting to replicate the crashing waves that hit their warehouses on the shore. In 2012, it was sold for £150,000 in an auction. It is now highly sought after, and its current value can only be imagined.


18. Royal Brackla 35yo

Royal Brackla 35 year old

Image by Glencairn Crystal Studio

Limited to 100 decanters made by Glencairn, this 35-year-old Royal Brackla was released in 2012 to celebrate the distillery's 200-year journey. This ball-shaped decanter is available for a 'reasonable' price of just £16,000.


19. John Walker Last Cask

John Walker Last Cask whisky decanter

Image by Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong

Presented in a detailed Baccarat crystal, The John Walker Last Cask was the final edition of their high-end John Walker series and released in 2019. Limited to 330 bottles, this blend sells for around £3,000.


20. Glen Grant Fiodh

Glen Grant Fiodh

Image by Glen Grant

Only 10 bottles of Glen Grant Fiodh were released in 2015 for travel retail. 'Fiodh', meaning 'wood', we wonder which came first: the whisky or the idea for the box. We were unable to find their asking price.


21. Mortlach 75yo G&M

Mortlach 75 year old G&M

Image by Whisky Corner

Bottled in 2015 by independent bottler Gordon & McPhail as part of their Generations series, this whisky held the record for the oldest whisky ever bottled till 2021. Only 100 decanters were released and it retails now on average for around £33,000.


+1 Extra: Emerald Isle Faberge Irish Whiskey

Emerald Isle Faberge Irish Whiskey

Image by Irish Central

This presentation may seem outrageous, but it is housing a 30-year-old Irish Whiskey from The Craft Irish Whisky Co. The set includes a unique Faberge Irish Egg, a watch, and emeralds sourced from Zambia. It was put up for auction in 2021, with only 7 sets ever made. One set sold for a whopping $2 million, setting the record for the most expensive Irish Whiskey set ever sold. For an updated article on this bottling, click here.


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