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10+1 Whisky Pseudonyms

Updated: Feb 29

It is not uncommon to find Single Malts with a brand name rather than a distillery name.

Most of these are due to trademarks with the supplying distillery wishing to remain anonymous. This is not new as some old brands have been around for many years.

Having a different name does not imply a lower quality product, sometimes you find a superlative version that can outperform its official distillery brands. Also, having a brand name means they can fluctuate the content too.

Let's take a look at some whisky pseudonyms that we have come across over the years. Sorry, if we're revealing some secrets...


1. Glen Avon

This Single Malt, bottled by Gordon & MacPhail, has been around for over 40 years, and this Speyside whisky comes from The Glenlivet distillery.

Image by Whiskybase


2. Finlaggan

Bottled at both normal and cask strength, this Caol Ila is a great value alternative to the official releases.

Image by Vintage Malt Whisky Company


3. Port Askaig

This Single Malt from Elixir Distillers has been mostly Caol Ila, but there have been versions that have contained Laphroaig and Bunnahabhain.

Image by Tomoka Spirits Boutique


4. Smokehead

Yet another Islay Single Malt. This has also had different malts in its makeup. Originally, Lagavulin was used, possibly Laphroaig, and then Ardbeg. The debate continues.

Image by Beerhunter


5. The Ileach

This is a tough one, so my best offer is Laphroaig. The design on the label looks like the distillery. Another excellent official alternate.

Image by Vintage Malt Whisky Boutique


6. Deerstalker

This brand name was used for several Single Malts, namely Balmenach and Braeval. It also is a Blended is also a blended malt and blended WhiskeyMalt and Blended Whisky brand.

Image by Deerstalker Whisky


7. Stronachie

Although this brand has the name of a defunct closed distillery, it has been bottled from the Benrinnes distillery by A Dewar Rattray.

Image by AD Rattray


8. Lochindaal

Most whisky fans will know that this comes from Bruichladdich and has been bottled in unpeated and peated styles by independent bottlers.

Image by The Whisky Vault


9. Leapfrog

It took Murray McDavid to get this nickname for Laphroaig on the market.

Image by Wine Searcher


10. Glen Morven

This is an old one from my Travel Retail days; there were 3 varieties from Speyside, Highlands, and Islay. They were LVMH’s magnificent trio of Glen Moray, Glenmorangie, and Ardbeg at the time.


+1 Bonus (or 3)

A nice little trio bottled by Old Malt Cask had us guessing. Tactical was a 20yo Talisker,

Laudable was a 15yo Laphroaig and Creditable was a 25yo Cragganmore.

Image by The Whisky Ardvark


Have you encountered a funny name on a whisky bottle and wondered what is inside? Let us know below.

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