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The Whisky Ardvark Quiz Week 46/2022

Welcome to the Whisky Ardvark Quiz with our in-house Quiz Master Duncan Ross!

To keep the fun in the game, please restrain yourself from using the internet to cheat before the answers are revealed at the end of this quiz.

Have fun!

1. Which single malt has released a line associated with the actor Nick Offerman?

2. Which closed Dufftown distillery warehouses are currently used by Glenfiddich and


3. Who is the man in the picture?

4. Name the 2 Scottish single malt whisky distilleries owned by Angus Dundee?

5. Who owns the trademarked brand name Blanton's Single Barrel?

6. When was Glengyle (Kilkerran) distillery established?

7. Who currently owns the Sheep Dip, and Pig's Nose blended brands?

8. In which European country is the ‘Gold Cock’ distillery?

9. Which distillery does versions such as ‘Peaty Tang’ and ‘Old Ballantruan’?

10. Which closed Speyside distillery’s Porteus Mill (barley mill) can now be found at

Annandale Distillery?

Image by The Macallan - PosterSpy, Pinterest


0-5 Correct Answers Whisky Enthusiast

6-7 Correct Answers Whisky Nerd

8-9 Correct Answers Whisky Captain

10 Correct Answers Whisky Wizard

Share your result underneath or post it on social media with #thewhiskyardvarkquiz

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