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The Whisky Ardvark Quiz Week 34/2023

Welcome to the Whisky Ardvark Quiz with our in-house Quiz Master Duncan Ross!

To keep the fun in the game, please restrain yourself from using the internet to cheat before the answers are revealed at the end of this quiz.

Have fun!

1. Ardbeg launched a new cask finish series - 'Anthology Collection' - in late August

2023. What type of cask is the first release 'The Harpy’s Tale' finished in?

2. This is the makeup of a limited-release blend by Compass Box. Name the blend.

3. Which company re-established Rosebank distillery in 2022?

4. What is the age statement of 'Red Spot' Irish whiskey?

5. 'I am housed in a modest shed in Dufftown. Even though I was born in the 90s, only a

few official single malt bottlings have been released - including three expressions under

the name 'Works' in 2019. I also function as an experimental whisky distillery for my

owner. Which distillery am I?

6. He is sometimes referred to as the 'Father of Australian whisky'. What is his name?

7. What animal is on the label of Inchgower 14yo Flora & Fauna bottling?

8. Name the brand name hidden in the picture.

9. Who designed this sterling silver laced bottle of the Highland Park 50yo 1st edition?

10. What year was The Dalmore's high-end Constellation Collection first introduced?

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0-3 Correct Answers Whisky Enthusiast

4-6 Correct Answers Whisky Nerd

7-9 Correct Answers Whisky Wizard

10 Correct Answers Whisky Master

Share your result underneath or post it on social media with #thewhiskyardvarkquiz

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