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The Whisky Ardvark Quiz Week 28/2023

Welcome to the Whisky Ardvark Quiz with our in-house quiz master Duncan Ross!

To keep the fun in the game, please restrain yourself from using the internet to cheat before the answers are revealed at the end of this quiz.

Have fun!

1. Who is the malt master for William Grant & Sons?

2. Which distillery released a limited bottling called 'Aonadh'?

3. What year was United Distillers & Vintners named Diageo?

4. Name this Japanese distillery.

5. In 2023 Buffalo Trace added a new experimental line to its portfolio. What is the name of


6. Name the lady in the picture.

7. What is the name of the House of Macduff's independent bottle range?

8. What Scottish distillery is the name Janet Sheed Roberts associated with?

9. 'I am a child of the 1980s. My former name was Ceimici Teo, but my new owner gave me a cooler name. In the early 1990s, I became known as the home of Locke's single malt and attracted the attention of a company overseas, whom I have been with since 2011. Which distillery am I?'

10. Which one of these three Scottish distilleries is the youngest? Tobermory, Deanston or Knockando?

Image by Meme Creator


0-5 Correct Answers Whisky Enthusiast

6-7 Correct Answers Whisky Nerd

8-9 Correct Answers Whisky Captain

10 Correct Answers Whisky Wizard

Share your result underneath or post it on social media with #thewhiskyardvarkquiz

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