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The Whisky Ardvark Quiz Week 11/2023

Welcome to the Whisky Ardvark Quiz with our in-house Quiz Master Duncan Ross!

To keep the fun in the game, please restrain yourself from using the internet to cheat before the answers are revealed at the end of this quiz.

Have fun!

1. The Viking Line holds an annual whisky cruise leaving from Stockholm marina. What is

the name of the ship?

2. Which American whiskey distillery reportedly had to halt its warehouse expansion plans

in early 2023 due to a black 'whisky fungus' spreading outside its premises?

3. Which distillery does an expression called 'Saligo Bay'?

4. In which decade was Ballantine's 17yo Blended whisky first introduced? 1920s, 1930s,

1950s, or 1970s?

5. The Glendronach 15yo Revival was discontinued for three years in the 2000s. When

was it reintroduced to the market?

6. Name the Scandinavian distillery.

7. Who wrote the book 'Raw Spirit'?

8. Name this chap.

9. Which iconic Scottish whisky distillery was mostly mothballed from 1981 to 1997?

10. In March 2023 it was announced that a Scottish distillery has purchased a 50% stake in

Grupo Estevez - a sherry producer - to secure exclusivity to their casks. Name the

sneaky distillery.

Image by USA Today - Black whisky fungus taking over a county in the US


0-5 Correct Answers Whisky Enthusiast

6-7 Correct Answers Whisky Nerd

8-9 Correct Answers Whisky Captain

10 Correct Answers Whisky Wizard

Share your result underneath or post it on social media with #thewhiskyardvarkquiz

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