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Pernod Ricard Rebrands Secret Speyside Collection

Secret Speyside 2024 collection

It is no secret that Pernod Ricard has recently heavily invested in introducing limited releases and rebranding existing ranges to amp up their appeal. However, the company has been quieter about some series than others.

In June 2024, the company quietly rebranded its Secret Speyside collection. The series was initially released in 2019 exclusively for travel retail. However, it became available in the UK domestic market the following year, possibly in response to the challenges that the travel market faced in 2020.

The collection, which includes 15 expressions per year, is dedicated to showcasing some of Pernod Ricard's lesser-known distilleries by offering rare age-statement releases. Whiskies previously released under the label include Caperdonich, Braes of Glenlivet (Braeval), Glen Keith and Longmorn. In early 2024, Longmorn was re-established as a standalone brand with its own identity.

With the 2024 rebranding, the range now includes Central Collection, Vintage Collection, Travel Retail Exclusive and Guest Distillery, indicating that the latter will change yearly. In its simplicity, the 2024 collection has been divided into age-statement expressions and vintages.

The 2024 collection contains whiskies from Miltonduff, Caperdonich (peated and unpeated), Braeval and Glen Keith, as well as 'A'Glac Charrann' - a single malt better known as Imperial.

At the time of writing, the official website does not include the prices for the 2024 release, although some expressions are already available on some online shops at varying prices.

Secret Speyside 2024 rebranding

Images by Pernod Ricard - Secret Speyside - Central Collection & Vintage Collection

Did you know?

The Imperial distillery closed in 1998 and never resumed operations. In 2005, it was acquired by Pernod Ricard and later demolished in 2013 to make room for the new Dalmunach distillery operated by the Chivas Brothers. Like many other defunct distilleries, Imperial gained more popularity after its closure.

Another closed distillery bottled under the Secret Speyside series, Caperdonich, was shut down in 2002, just a year after Pernod Ricard acquired the site. Established in 1898, the distillery was initially known as Glen Grant Two because it was built on the opposite side of the road from the existing Glen Grant distillery and was used to help produce whisky under the Glen Grant name. In 1977, the distillery was renamed Caperdonich. The distillery was eventually demolished in 2011, and the stills found new homes at the Falkirk and Belgian Owl distilleries.


2024 Secret Speyside Releases

Secret Speyside 2024 Caperdonich releases
Secret Speyside 2024 Glen Keith and A’Glac Charrann Imperial releases
Secret Speyside 2024 Miltonduff and Braeval releases

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