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Fettercairn Announces a £100,000 Anniversary Collection

Fettercairn 200th anniversary Collection

The Whyte & Mackay-owned Fettercairn distillery in the Scottish Highlands is celebrating its bicentennial this year by releasing a set of six single malts with a combined age of 200 years. The collection includes whiskies ranging from three to 60 years old, featuring the youngest and oldest single malts ever released by the distillery. Each bottle sits on a coaster that depicts the whisky’s tasting notes.

“In this collection, we have hand-selected casks to mark key moments in our past and future. The Fettercairn 60-year-old is incredible and a marker of the care that was taken here to nurture this whisky while it lay resting in our warehouse. The Fettercairn Three-Year-Old – Scottish Oak is a marker not only of the cask but a reminder too of the type of whisky making we do here – we are hands-on as makers from acorn to cask and glass," said Greg Glass, master whisky maker at Fettercairn.

Fettercairn 200th anniversary collection

All Images by Fettercairn

The set includes the following whiskies that mark significant events in the distillery's history:

Fettercairn 60-year-old, 40.7% ABV, distilled in 1964

- the year distillery manager Stewart Walker was born.

Fettercairn 49-year-old, 41.4% ABV, distilled in 1973

- the year the distillery's last dunnage warehouse was built.

Fettercairn 35-year-old, 51.4% ABV, distilled in 1988

- the year the distillery's longest-serving manager, Douglas Cooper, retired.

Fettercairn 28-year-old, 46.8% ABV, distilled in 1995

- a vintage carefully nurtured by Gregg Glass.

Fettercairn 25-year-old, 55.6% ABV, distilled in 1998

- showcasing how the distillery's tropical house style can benefit from ageing in ex-Cognac casks.

Fettercairn 3-year-old, 60.8% ABV, distilled in 2021

- marking the launch of the distillery's Scottish Oak Project.

Fettercairn 200th anniversary Collection

The six-bottle set is limited to only ten cabinets designed by master craftsman John Galvin. Made with Scottish oak, copper and brass, the artist was inspired by how light shines through tree canopies at Fettercairn.

The Fettercairn 200th Anniversary Collection will be available from September 2024 for £100,000 (US$127,640) in select regions, including Taiwan, Singapore, the UK, France and Canada.


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